Thursday, December 17, 2009


The Law Of Attraction Works Again!

Here is my latest law of attraction story concerning me, smoking and cigarettes.

I remember posting about howthe law of attraction has worked for me in the past when I tried to “manifest some more cigarettes into my life. I have posted that it has worked but there have been times when I think that I have tried too hard to manifest them.

This time I managed to manifest some money into my life! Here is how it happened:

Of course I wanted more money to come into my life so that I could buy some cigarettes. Guess what happened? Of course you know we are well into the Christmas season - well I was going grocery shopping and saw one one of my neighbors on the bus. She gave me $5 for Christmas! How about that! It was almost like being able to buy free cigarettes! And to make the whole thing even more amazing he actually told me that I should use the money to buy cigarettes“!

With the $5 I was able to buy cheaper cigarettes!

I was thinking so hard of manifesting more cigarettes into my life and this recent experience shows me that the law of attraction is at work and that it does work indeed!

I'm currently out of cigarettes now but you know what I'm doing right? I'm using the law of attraction to manifest more cigarettes (actually an abundance of cigarettes) into my life!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Cheap Cigarettes! I NEED Them!

Well guess what? That's right! I am out of cigarettes again!

I spent my last $6 on my favorite brand of cigarettes which also happens to be one of the most expensive brands of cigarettes - Kools!

I could have gotten a more cheaper brand of cigarette - thus being able to buy two packs instead of one but I just wasn't in the mood for cheap cigarettes! I wanted my brand and I got it! Even though it was just one pack!

I know people buy more cheap cigarettes just so that they will be able to continue to smoke and I myself have bought cheaper brands of cigarettes just so that I would be able to have more than one pack at a time! Cheap cigarettes are a good alternative when you don't have enough money to afford your own favorite brand of cigarettes. And I also know that there are websites where you can buy cheap cigarettes online but I just don't have the nerve to try any of those sites yet - although I do know of a tactic that I could try to make it more safer - but I haven't done that yet.)

Given the choice between buying cheap cigarettes and being able to buy my own favorite brand of cigarettes I chose to buy my favorite brand although they cost more that the cheaper cigarettes.

Sometimes don't you wish that you could get some free cigarettes? I mean I know that is kind of impossible but I did a little checking online and found out that there are over a million websites out there that have to do with free cigarettes! Some of these sites offer free cigarettes, tax free cigarettes and even discount cigarettes. But I'm still not ready to buy cigarettes online - at least not yet!

My google adsense payment has come and gone! My Adsense was smaller than the past few months but I'm grateful that I was able to afford some cheap cigarettes with my google adsense money! My adsense payment for this month doesn't look too good! (It also seems that a lot of google adsense publishers have been earning less money with the Google Adsense program lately - so at least I know that I am not the only one!) I'm keeping my fingers crossed and trying to keep up the faith - you know - never give up hope! Being grateful for what I do have and trying not to focus on what I don't have.

I got a very nice comment from someone when they saw that I blogged about the law of attraction and how I was trying to apply it to my own situation so that I could attract more cigarettes into my life. They didn't berate me or make fun of me - in fact they said that they liked my since of humor and that the way to attract more cigarettes into my life was to think about having the cigarettes and how having them would make me feel.

Of course it doesn't hurt to earn more money on my part! Which is what I am trying to do! I know that there are people who have made millions of dollars online and I'm going to be one of them - this I vow!

So I'm working on attracting more cigarettes (and money) into my life! I think the idea of free cigarettes would be cute but I don't think that there is going to be a government grant program for that! Although I have seen advertisements for places that are doing some kind of study on smokers, smoking and their effects and they even offer compensation ($$$$$$) for some of these studies. I hope NOT to be doing that either!

So here I am without cigarettes again hoping to attract more cigarettes into my life! I'd even settle for the cheap cigarettes just to help keep me going!

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